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Cash from operations ROI

The Crown of the Otos MoneyTree. Quarterly-trailing-annual-Cash-Flow Return On Investment is a broad measure of the profitability of the company

Gross profit margin

The profit margin of a business is the relationship of profit to sales. A stable and reliable trade trigger. It is particularly valuable as a sell indicator for both stocks and funds.

Sales growth

The Trunk of the Otos MoneyTree represents this top-line measure of growth. Otos creates the factor quarterly. Each value is the average of four quarters trailing

Capital expenditures

This is a measure of operating leverage.

Financial condition

Cash received from all forms of debt. This is a measure of financial leverage.

Operating profit margin

Earnings Before Interest Taxes and Depreciation Amortization, a stable measure of bottom line profit.


To provide accurate data that is easy to interpret. To provide education around people's financial life. Create for people an investing experience that is personal, intuitive, accessible and shareable. To provide financial opportunities for people globally.

Our Core Values:
  • People are smart
  • Integrity of data provides valuable analytics and supports profitable decisions
  • All participants share in the revenue of the enterprise
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  • Otos has evolved as an independent artificial intelligent entity without conflict of interest
  • Otos exists to support participants in making decisions that create value.
  • Otos learns for the sole purpose of providing more personal, effective and useful decision ideas.

What people say

  • I’ve been a client of OTOS and a fan for several years. OTOS has the ability to help me make better informed stock purchases and get a heads up when it’s time to sell them. The Moneytree graphic makes comparing each stock’s viability more intuitive. You can have OTOS send notices when something you’re watching has changed. The weekly emails bring my focus to growing my money and OTOS helps me learn about investing which I enjoy.
  • I strongly recommend the OTOS Wealth Building platform.  I’ve been using the system for two years now and my gains have significantly outpaced the market.  I guess I’m kind of the “poster-child” for OTOS.  I’m someone who hates managing their investments but knows it’s a necessary evil!  Even though I’m kind of an “Excel Geek” I can’t imagine anything more boring to me than trying to understand the intricacies of “fundamental analysis” and spending hours and hours researching stocks.   With OTOS, I can just look at my “Money Tree Avatar” and can see at a glance the health of my portfolio. I also get alerts if something needs my attention and with a few extra keystrokes can get a list of stocks that can improve my position. It works!
  • I would say that Otos is great for smart people who like to learn and who like the idea of having control of their investing. In other words,  you get out what you put in and the potential to earn more than you would with a broker is there, but you have to be invested in your investing. I very much like that I can research each suggested company and decide if they are "green" enough for my portfolio. I think when Otos catches on, it will be a big game changer.  People talk about activism through spending, but Otos can take regular people to another level; activism through investing. I like to tell people that I made my own portfolio. The looks on their faces. Like, did you get a secret MBA or something? Lol! Artist, flower child, stock broker... they just can't compute.