Sector Reports

Sectors: Consumer GrowthConsumer StapleConsumer CyclicalBasic IndustryEnergyTechnologyOTOS Total Market

Sector Rotation is an Investing Strategy that selects company populations on the basis of the sector of the economy the company is judged to be in. Since different segments of the economy perform differently and variably according to economic conditions, it has been possible to make money selling deteriorating sectors and buying improving sectors,

These reports measure the recent and historical performance metrics for sectors. This measures which sectors are generating improving performance metrics and which are lagging.

These reports are valuable decision tools for you when you are choosing among sector-based exchanged trades funds (ETF's).

It has also been possible to make additional money by selecting improving companies within the sector and avoiding lagging companies.

Our enhanced index strategy service empowers you make stock selection choices within the sector population and generates trade recommendations to support your management of your strategy over time.